Storify Beta

Storify Beta

Create your own newsworthy stories in a flash


  • Click and drag to collect content quickly
  • Sync with your Twitter account
  • Follow other users in one simple click
  • Easy editing features


  • Still buggy when trying to log in
  • No user or story search features yet


Storify Beta is a fun and easy web-based tool that lets you create stories based on information you collect from sources online.

Have you ever wanted to compile related content on the internet into one place for future reading, or even to share with friends and family? Storify Beta lets you do it about as easily as is feasibly possible.

There's already Twitter and Facebook. Using Google will get you lots of results for news stories, as will Flickr for images. Storify Beta lets you search all of these sites and more for content you're interested in. Just type in your search query and choose a site you want to search. Storify Beta will bring up all your search results on its own website. From there, all you have to do is click and drag the media content you want to use in the Storify Beta interface and organize your story however you like.

Once you're done creating your collected content with Storify Beta, you can preview it or just go ahead and publish and edit at a later point. Each story you create will show up on your profile. If people like what you're posting, they can follow you, just like you would on Twitter. If you want to start a community or a profile about a specific topic, you can even assign other users as editors for your stories, which is pretty convenient.

Unfortunately, Storify Beta is still a little bit buggy. It can sometimes be difficult to register your account initially or log back in at later points in time. Sometimes error messages like "file not found" pop up, while other times the site'll just say it's over capacity (much like Twitter). Being in its current beta state, one can only hope Storify Beta will work out the bugs and make improvements in future versions.

If you want to compile web content easily into stories for others to browse, Storify Beta's one hundred percent where it's at.

Storify Beta

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Storify Beta

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